6 Critical Fundamentals That Help You Learn to Play Golf Better

There are 6 Golf Swing Basics that you must understand in order to Learn to Play Golf Better:1. Relax
2. Watch the Ball
3. Balance and Footwork (Setup)
4. Proper Grip
5. Proper Stroke
6. StrategyThese are listed in order of priority. So, for example, you will not be able to apply a consistent strategy without making sure you are first relaxed and then also watching the ball. In fact, strategy is developed as a part of watching the ball. If you don’t watch the FLIGHT of the ball on each shot, then how are you going to notice how much the wind is effecting the ball?Most golf teaching professionals teach only three of these Golf Swing Basics – Setup, Proper Grip and Proper Stroke. That is only HALF of what must be worked upon and mastered in order to improve your golf game! Very few teach anything about HOW TO relax, watch the ball or develop and maintain a strategy.

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Did you know that the KEY to relaxing physically is to first learn HOW to relax your grip on the club? But in order to truly relax you must also know HOW to relax mentally. Relaxing mentally is a function of focus. Have you ever heard anyone say that someone is “playing out of their mind”? Well, that is because their mind is relaxed and focused on each task that comes up.Did you also realize that you must learn HOW to watch the ball? Watching the ball is more than just seeing it at impact. In order to truly watch the ball a player must continue to watch the ball until it comes to rest again. There is a lot to be learned during a round of golf whenever this is done.Did you know that the KEY to consistent accuracy is balance and footwork (setup)? How are you going to apply a consistent course strategy if your accuracy stinks? A proper setup position for each and every shot will improve your game immensely. You may already know this, but each shot may require a little different setup position in order to get the best results each time. The setup position for a chip is A LOT different than the setup position for a drive.Is the Proper Grip for you the same as for everyone else? What is the most popular grip on the PGA Tour? No two people have hands that are identical in shape and strength. What is most important, though, is to find the grip that works best for you. You definitely will NOT use the same grip for every shot you make during a round of golf. What about your putting grip or the grip you use for chipping?

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Is the Proper Stroke for you the same as for everyone else? No, of course not. Everyone must find their OWN individual stroke that works for them. There are certain styles or techniques of swinging the club that are more popular than others, though. The key is in finding a stroke that is simple, repeatable and one that you are able to remain relaxed in accomplishing it.What about Strategy? Can strategy change? Yes it can, depending upon your own capabilities or strengths. Strategy in golf is VERY important. You must know how and when to apply strategy when playing golf.When all of these Golf Swing Basics are taken into account and practiced, there is no doubt that you will Learn to Play Golf Better every time you play.