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Family Summer Holidays – The Benefits of a Summer Holiday in the Alps

Looking for a family summer holiday? Want a holiday that keeps all the family entertained? Need a summer holiday destination that involves sunshine, great food, wine and lots of fun family activities? Then why not take a family summer holiday in the Alps!Unlike a beach holiday where you are constantly tasked with ensuring the kids are entertained and that there are activities all members of the family can enjoy together as well as trying to get some relaxation time in for the adults, a summer holiday to the Alps provides all of this on your door step!

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Alpine resorts are now not just open during the winter season with a large number now opening their arms during the summer months as they have so much to offer.Beautiful locations, fantastic self catered and catered accommodation, fresh water lake swimming, an abundance of family activities and sports all topped off with delicious cuisine and local wine to ensure everyone member of the family is catered for.Getting to these summer alpine resorts has also never been easier or more affordable with lots of the budget airlines flying into the main airports with the majority of resorts being an easy 1hr transfer ensuring you arrive in resort in good time and ready to start enjoying all it has to offer for you and your family.Family holidays in the Alps can be as activity packed or as relaxing as you want – that is the beauty of holidaying in the Alps! There is always something to do to keep the children occupied and there’s always a great view to enjoy with a good book and a glass of local wine if relaxation is top of your agenda.

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There is a fantastic range of catered and self catered summer holiday properties located in all of the main alpine summer resorts for you to choose from. Whether you are after a beautiful chalet with stunning mountain views complete with hot tub and sauna to relax in or a central apartment to be close to all the action you will find a range of summer properties to suit all requirements and budgets. Therefore, why not leave the beach behind this summer and instead head to the mountains with all they have to offer!

Top Summer Holiday Destinations in New South Wales

If there’s nothing you detest more than the prospect of having to clean sand out of every corner of your body, car and home, living with the fear of being stung by a jellyfish or other exotic piece of marine life, and battling the glare along with a hundred other people, you might feel a little left out when it comes to summer holiday options! The beach really isn’t the only summer activity to enjoy in Australia – there is something for every taste. There are also activities for every temperature preference… if you want to sleep the hot day away and explore through the cool night, New South Wales has something for you. Today we are exploring what you can do in this diverse region of Australia for summer holidays… no beaches included!Blue MountainsEven if you aren’t a summer person, there’s no reason to sit at home covered in wet towels for the hotter three months of the year! The Blue Mountains is the coolest place in mainland Australia, and offers a huge variety of tourist activities. There is bushwalking in the shade of trees many hundreds of years old to be done, abseiling in Wollemi, horse riding with one of many charter tours. You’ll find the proximity to Sydney means that the accommodation around here books out faster than Port Macquarie hotels or those in the Northern Rivers district – plan early.

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Port MacquariePort Macquarie is one of the true hidden treasures of Australia. A year-round mild climate, safe and relaxing atmosphere and huge range of activities mean that many people take the half-day drive up from Sydney to enjoy a weekend at Port Macquarie hotels. The area has plenty to offer beach-lovers and sand-loathers alike! Head out refreshed from your Port Macquarie accommodation for activities like:* Picking your own strawberries and blueberries at either Ricardoe’s Tomatoes or Hannam Vale* Go for a horse ride in the shady Bellrowan Valley – trail rides, pub rides and overnight packages are available. Overnight packages are great value – you’ll be able to get your Port Macquarie hotel to hold your booking until you return.* Get up close and personal with the wildlife at the Billabong Wildlife Park. There’s a koala breeding centre here, and opportunities to get to know our less cuddly (but just as beautiful!) national icons like crocodiles, lizards and snakes.* If you like the water but not the sand, jet boating is a thrilling and invigorating experience. The boat holds around a dozen people and is known as the fastest, strongest and most exciting vessel of its kind.

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WarrumbungleThis little area of Australia is not often touted as one of our top tourist destinations. It doesn’t have the breadth of experiences that booking at a Port Macquarie hotel will expose you to, but it is beautiful in its own right. A mix of volcanic spires and rainforest ensures that this area is always lush – even in the heat of summer. You can:* Check out the volcanic legacy in the Warrumbungle National Park* Sleep the heat of the day away and wake up at night to carpets of stars across the sky in Coonabarabran – the astronomy capital of Australia. Siding Spring Observatory is great to check out for earthbound astronauts.* Check out the mineral and fossil displays in Coonabarabran.

Learn How To Play Better Golf – Key Points To Better Your Golf Swing

If you want to learn how to play better golf, learning how to improve your golf swing is usually one of the most difficult and complicated things you do. This is because there are so many muscles and areas of the body at work. Consider a complex machine that does a certain task. The more moving parts you have with the device the more likely it’s going to break down and need minor and major alterations done to it.The same applies for your golf swing. There are such a lot of actions and aspects involved; something is bound to go wrong. Like the individual who fixes the mechanism has to determine what part of the machine needs fixed, if you are looking to learn how to play better golf; improve your golf swing! It’s that simple and when it goes wrong you’re going to have to know what went wrong.

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Here’s a couple of tips to help:Learn How To Play Better Golf – Tip 1 – Get Back To The BasicsWhen you initially started learning how to golf as a beginner, you almost certainly were very careful and thought of each and every step of what you had to do when you would swing the golf club. You had to do this because it wasn’t second nature to you, it was new. As time went on, you probably got more lax in concentrating on every single part of the movement.Also, when you were new you built bad habits into your golf swing, they’re now embedded into your muscle memory. If you are looking to improve your golf swing, it’s important to begin breaking down every component and in fact concentrate on what you are doing as you do it. Hopefully you will be able to understand what you are doing wrong.The naked eye isn’t very good for catching each nuance of a complex movement. This is why it is so critical for just about any golfer who’s serious about wanting to improve to film record their golf swing. Through viewing yourself and being able to slow the videotape down you should be able to notice your weaknesses and be able to drastically improve your golf swing.Learn How To Play Better Golf – Tip 2 – Work On Your Pre-Swing MechanicsIf you really focus on your pre-swing mechanics you may additionally be able to drastically improve your golf swing.This is a list of what to focus on:A) Make certain your head position is good.
B) Be certain that the body is squared up properly.
C) Be sure that the ball is placed in the proper location.
D) Be sure to have your weight distributed where it is supposed to be.
E) Have the proper stance.
F) Check to be sure your grip is good.
G) Make sure that your wrists are positioned correctly throughout the swing.
H) Make sure to get the full range of motion throughout your swing.

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By making sure that you are concentrating on all elements of the pre-swing and the actual swing, you will definitely be able to learn how to play better golf and improve your golf swing.This will likely result in better rounds of golf. Of course, better rounds of golf means a greater enjoyment of the game as you’re on the course.

Hit Longer Golf Drives – The Key to Golf Distance is in Your Mind

It can be hard figuring out how to hit longer golf drives. One of the main keys to golf distance involves staying confident while playing. Most people get extremely frustrated when they hit a bad shot. There are a number of ways to help boost your confidence in the course. Here are just a few things that I use every time I step up to a shot to help keep my head in the right place.

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Take a Deep BreathOne thing I like to do is take a deep breath right before I hit the ball. To some this might not make much sense. Others might think this is do anything. The goal of this is to relax your mind and body. If you’re not relaxed during your golf swing, you leave a lot of options open to fail. Many times when people are mad and step up to the ball, they try to take out all of their frustration in that swing. This is not good. We do this, it causes you to make mistakes in your swing because your mind is thinking about crushing the ball, instead of focusing on a smooth swing.Don’t Take a Practice SwingAnother thing I like to do is avoid taking a practice in before my shot. I know how to swing my club. If you notice sometimes, you’re practicing is generally always better than your actual shot. When you take your practice swing, it’s always smooth and you don’t take a chunk out of the ground. The reason this happens is because you’re not thinking of hitting the ball, you’re focusing on the swing. Let the swing do its job, don’t force it to.

Your Best Summer Holiday – 10 Reasons For Neuschwanstein Castle Region in Bavaria

If you can’t make up your mind between mountains and beach, water sports and cycle tours, cultural sight seeing, wellness holidays and sampling a new cuisine, come and have it all in Schwangau and the Neuschwanstein Castle Region.After I discovered Schwangau, I broke my promise to never go to the same holiday spot twice and came back the year after. There is so much to do and see in such a small area, that you will have trouble enjoying it all. It left me coming for more again and again and I finally decided to settle in this beautiful region.Here are my top 10 reasons why you should make the Neuschwanstein Castle Region your next summer holiday destination.1. Romantic Beaches You will find no less than 6 lakes in the immediate vicinity of Neuschwanstein Castle and Schwangau village. You will find everything from sandy beaches, pebble beaches and places where you enter the water from hide-away grassy patches between trees and shrubs. The water is exceptionally clean and you can often see down to the ground. The weather in summer is warm and temperatures can rise to 35 degrees Celsius.2. Excellent Water Sport Opportunities The best lake for water sports is the Forggensee, which is also the biggest of all the lakes. In summer you see a colourful display of sailing boat sails spread all over the lake Several sailing clubs and harbours can be found along the shore. Wind surfing, canoeing and pedal boats are also available and used frequently.3. Bike trails through stunning nature The whole Neuschwanstein Castle Region has hundreds of kilometers of marked bike trails off the main roads and along lakes, through forests and across fields. You can enjoy the gorgeous panoramic views while sharing your picnic with one of the grazing cows. Mountain bike trails also abound and allow you to reach the cosy mountain huts and their sun terraces for a cool beer. Bikes and helmets can be rented in several places in Schwangau village.

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4. Visiting the fairytale castle “Neuschwanstein” and the medieval ruinsCastle Neuschwanstein has been build by King Ludwig II and is a “must-see” in the area. With more than 1 million tourists a year it is a major European tourist attraction and even inspired Disney to design what it is known as Cinderella Castle. To get there you can either walk up the mountain, cycle up, take the bus or the horse carriage. The path is well sign-posted. To avoid the crowds, book your ticketing in advance and hire a private horse carriage from one of the two Schwangau rental places to take you up.There are many more castles and ruins in the Neuschwanstein Region and historically interested and culturally excited travelers will love their discoveries. Castle “Ehrenburg” hosts an annual “knights festival” with re-enactments and medieval food stands every year end July. It also offers treasure hunts for children and a museum where you can try on a knight’s armour.5. Plenty of hiking trails in the Alpine mountains and welcoming huts allowing you to relax and enjoy the scenery.There are 14 official hiking trails and tours from Schwangau allowing you to discover nature up close. You will master small challenges like steep rocky paths and windy trails through the mountain forests rewarding yourself with a cold drink and a hearty meal at one of the many mountain huts such as “Drehhuette” or “Rohrkopfhuette”. Watch out for the black mountain lizards on your path; they look like little mountain crocodiles.For a romantic overnight hike, start from the bottom of the mountain Tegelberg in Schwangau, hike up past meadows, forests and rocky parts to the summit of “Branderfleck”, “Ahornsattel”. You will finally reach your destination “Kenzenhütte”, a mountain hut serving you a heart-warming hut meal, allowing you to enjoy a splendid sunset and providing you with a rustic place to spend the night. The next morning you can keep hiking back a different path or take the bus back down into the valley.6. Wellness opportunities and Thermal SpaFor a day full of relaxation and wellness, try the royal thermal bath “Koenigliche Kristalltherme” in Schwangau. There are several heated inside and outside pools all connected to allow you an indulging water experience. Add a visit to one of the many saunas or the crystal caves.And why not try out a massage either at the Thermal Spa itself or at one of the many hotels with wellness area. Ask me for recommendations.7. Outdoor ActionWould you believe that Schwangau also offers paragliding tandem jumps and entire 3 and 5 day courses for you to learn to paraglide yourself?If you prefer rock climbing, there are several natural climbing walls and a climbing hall for the bad weather day.
Only 5km away in Pfronten is one of the best high rope courses in the area. Whether alone or in a group, you will have loads of fun mastering the 6 different courses with increasing degrees of difficulty.8. Friendly People and Jolly Lifestyle With Plenty of Festivals & ParadesFrom the moment we arrived in this region, people have been extraordinarily friendly and forthcoming. They are helpful, authentic and genuine. Everyone takes great pride in their traditions and heritage and all through the year there are festivals displaying local dance, music, clothing (“Lederhosen” and “Dirndl”) and of course beer. Most people in Schwangau speak enough English to hold a conversation and many do so readily with astonishing fluency. There is also a growing international community in the region and of course tourists from all over the world. This makes Schwangau a true “international village”. When you come drop me an email and I will help you with insider knowledge about this dream location.

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9. Luxury & Rustic Hotels and Holiday AccommodationThere are lots of cozy holiday apartments and luxurious hotel rooms to choose from. Lately more and more luxury holiday apartments cater to the growing demand for a truly relaxing and luxurious holiday. Most architecture is kept in the typical “Allgaeu” style, a variation of the mountain chalet using lots of wood on the facade and featuring wooden balconies on several sides of the house. There are also many working farms which offer accommodation combined with an experience of true farm life. For a first world country and the village of the King’s Castles Schwangau has an astonishing amount of dairy farms. So get ready to hear the gentle ring of the cow bells wherever you stay:-)10. Great HistoryWith so much natural beauty, high Alpine mountains and crystal clear mountain lakes all in the same small region, it is hardly surprising that the bishops and German Kings built their castles here. Even the Romans and Celts had decided to settle here. In fact, the Via Claudia Augusta, one of the big Roman trading roads leads right through Schwangau joining the province of Germania through Austria to Rome. You can find Roman pillars and visit a whole Roman villa on your magic trip to this exceptional place.Feel free to contact me to get more information and make reservations.

How To Play Golf Better

Short Game is Key
What is the most frustrating aspect of golf..the short game. It is so easy to over hit or chunk an easy chip. The combat this, it is necessary to practice your chipping and putting as much as possible! Focus on smooth swings and controlling the distance of the ball. This one tip alone could save you a few strokes overall.

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Know Your Distances
How often do you over or under hit a shot? If you’re like me, its routine. You can combat this by just hitting the driving range and focusing on the distance markers. Know how far you hit each club and try to notice how the ball reacts when it hits the ground. This will allow you to better judge each shot when you’re on the golf course.
Straight Minded
What do most golfers struggle with on the golf course? A slice or hook! The easiest way to straighten this out is to just swing slower! Granted you may lose distance on your long clubs but it will pay off based on your fairway lie rather than digging through the woods for your ball. Just concentrate on keeping your club face square at impact and you will notice a huge difference in your game.

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Practice Makes Perfect You have heard it all your life but guess what..they weren’t lying! Golf is a game of muscle memory and it takes practice for your muscles to remember how you hit those amazing shots! So get out there and practice!