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Summer Holidays in Zakopane, Poland

You hear an increasing number of English accents in Zakopane during the winter months with people skiing and snowboarding, however, Zakopane is also a fantastic summer holiday destination for people looking for something away from the beach. Whether you are interested in simply relaxing for a few days in Zakopane’s spas and pools or looking for action packed mountain activities, Zakopane has something to offer every holiday maker in the summer months.Well known amongst the hiking community, Zakopane is a fantastic playground when it comes to hiking with 275 km of marked trails to enjoy. A summer walking holiday will provide you with a variety of options whether you’re looking to challenge your body or relax and take in the scenery. Routes in the Tatra National Park range from easy strolls along valley floors to extremely difficult climbs using rope ladders, iron steps and specialist equipment. The scenery you will come across in Zakopane is simply stunning, picturesque valleys, rivers, lakes and of course the mountains themselves.

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If simply walking and hiking isn’t enough for you to fill a whole summer holiday with then Zakopane also offers mountain biking, quad biking trips, horse riding, river rafting, canoeing downhill scootering and even Segway trips (the funny electric bike like things with 2 wheels that you stand up on!) and a whole lot more to help pack your stay with activities!Mountain biking is restricted to certain routes due to the area being a national park but you can still enjoy a number of different trips, which will lead you to places such as the Chocholowska Valley and the Hala Gasienicowa meadow, which if you search for images on the internet and see them you will wish you were there now!Rafting, canoeing, hydro speeding or kayaking on the Dunajec River will provide you with a fun summer holiday activity with options for all the family. A safe and fun day of entertainment with professional instruction and more beautiful sights to be seen.What if it rains during my summer holiday in Zakopane? Well, you could spend some time in Zakopane’s water parks, go ten-pin bowling or take a day trip further afield to visit Krakow, Slovakia, Auschwitz or the Wieliczka Salt Mines. Alternatively, depending on where you are staying you can just relax in your accommodation or enjoy a meal out at one of the towns many restaurants.

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Accommodation wise you can choose to stay in any kind of accommodation in Zakopane from budget self catered rooms to luxury 5 star hotels. Local restaurants serve up cheeses, meats, fish and numerous hearty meals, which will keep you well fed throughout your holiday. The culture should definitely be a factor in choosing a summer holiday in Zakopane, it really is not like other mountain towns, if you come to Zakopane you have to hear the traditional Goral bands playing at night in the restaurants!The variety of activities on offer, the scenery, the amazing food, the local people and the way of life still upheld by many locals will make a summer holiday to Zakopane an unforgettable experience.